This is Me — Personal Essay

let me introduce you it to my family that’s my dad he’s the greatest laughs he’s an attorney here’s my mom she’s an accountant and makes the best corn muffins this is my little brother justice and no that’s not his name because my dad’s a lawyer it’s his name because he want him to stand for truth even if the whole world turns against him and this this is me I am a pianist I’ve been playing for 14 years since I was three years old it was three music lessons but I first found a vehicle in which I could express my creativity I now have students of my own I am a composer playing the sounds of the trees the water of the sky I’m a painter I live for the abstract complexities of impressionist art the colors the shapes the form and the implications of hidden significance and astounding discovery I am a writer I use my words to think to feel and see like the world that has inspired me I strive to inspire others to act in a way that is too loud for words I’m a runner the exuberance of the wind in my face as I raced to meet my next task I use my creative nature to express myself and show others the world is I see it and to hopefully get them to see it with their own eyes a world they may have only dream my name is Paula Samina tonight right Morgan and I am an artist I aspired pink people’s lives with imagination and wonder to learn that the most beautiful things in this world may never be seen or articulated I can touch the soul with them I will perfect the ability to visually tell a story effectively and memorably it is going to be a challenge I will learn new skills perfect my own I will see new places meet new people and experience new things on the journey of further developing my voice I hope to help others find their own and I am more than willing to rise to the challenge

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