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hello friends welcome to us made this video is going to be very important for you because in this video I’m going to discuss synonyms of 90 most commonly used words in IELTS writing the first word is teacher an synonyms for the word are mentors tutors instructors coach guide educator you have to be very quick to understand in this video and very patient to listen the whole video because in this video I’m going to discuss 90 words and all these words are very important and the reason is because these words are very common that you often Lee use these words and then if you know the synonyms or these words it will become very easy for you to add more and more of vocabulary to your task and you will not then have to be listened to have to think that what new words you want you should use in your task because then vocabulary will be right with you profession here is can be written as bookish vocation or occupation degrees can be written as diminished plunge plummet slump drop comment can be written as bureaucrats and authorities please understand the spelling bee you do rio r e a you grats encourage can be written as motivate stimulate prompt propel persuade induce all these words are wat so can be written in their second and third forms and second and third forms are motivated stimulated prompted propelled persuaded induced create word is also very funny used in writing task 2 and for example if you are writing that it creates strong relationships then you can write it forges strong relationships seventh we have this give forgive you you can use confer best to rendered second and third forms are can for double re d bestow’d PE sto w e d and render re and de r and rendered is the second and third form start for start you can use comments embark freedom for freedom you here you have to use liberty autonomy or you can use independence also for artist you must use craftsman four youngsters you have to use your teenagers or you can also use adolescents for youngsters youngsters are those who are under 18 so you can use your adolescence teenagers if you are talking about adults then adults which are over 18 and you can use grown-ups for them so adults are over 18 can be called as Crona youngsters are under 18 so you can call them only your adolescence teenagers kids can be called as off drinks and the word juvenile is used both for youngsters and kids because juveniles are also under 18 important the word important can be replaced by significant imperative crucial by votin paramount country should be replaced as nation this is wrongly written country should only be used as it should be only be replaced by nation Manny Manny should be replaced by a host of muradov plethora of abundant of so if you want to say that I have many hobbies you can say I have a host of hobbies Merida for bees made out of country’s mirror of books plethora of books blood then you can use all of these so 1616 is traveling here for traveling you must use commuting only commuting 17th is difficulty or problem for difficulty you must you can use adversity you can use predicament you can also use tribulation so the other words are adversity predicaments and tribulation tribulation it int is involved for involved you should use indulge for poor you should use impoverished poor people what is also very common in task 2 so you should use impoverished poverty-stricken economically deprived people impoverished people poverty-stricken people you can also use the word destitutes for poor guest dudes I’ll write it here destitutes for tourists you can use holidaymakers site sees visitors for useless the one useless is also very commonly used for example history is useless or history is important so for the word useless the thing which doesn’t have any use you can use futile redundant futile and redundant the word help can be replaced by enable aid assist succor hear the word enable the word sucker is both noun and verb so can be used as suckered and can be used as noun all so this word is only a verb it’s not a noun this is both verb and a noun the word assist is only a verb so the word assist can be can be used as assisted because it’s a verb and this can this can this is a verb so case this can be changed into enabled and enabled but this is not a noun so a development not coming to development it can be changed into advancement and Prokhorov progression the word harmful can be changed into detrimental deleterious pernicious society should be changed into community causes the word causes is also commonly used in writing tha’s to and for example if you have if you are having constant solution si you can use the word contributing factors instead of writing causes you can write causative factors also instead of writing causes 27 here is the remedial measures the word is used for solutions if you are writing solutions you can write there are many remedial measures instead of writing there are many solutions and instead of writing these this you can also write corrective actions and other than that the other option here we have this countermeasures countermeasures can also be written 28 is improved the word improve should be replaced by a melio rate 29 is to make worse to make worse means to make even more bad than something which is already bad making it even more bad so this is this can be replaced by aggravate and exacerbate for example this would exacerbate the economic condition because of we talk openly talk about economic condition when we are writing writing task 2 then we often Lee talked that this will harm the economic condition economy of the country then you should write this will exacerbate or aggravate the economic condition the think of the word thing should be written as opine assault recon some some should be replaced by certain views can be replaced by perspective people can be replaced by Fox and masses most common what now the world like ink I have liked in for it so when you will use this word you’ll also write the word half with I have likened for it so instead of writing this you will write I have predilection for it or you can also write I have predisposition for it I want you to note down all these words because you are more because you may forget these words very soon so please write down also the word like like can be replaced by admire cherish adore enjoy can be replaced by relish choose by opt animal switch this is also a verb can be used as opted and opt it also animal Kisch animal should be changed into flora fauna and plants should be changed into flora disease should be written as maladies and ailment students can be written as pupils and learners bup ILS pupils ed learners behavior is also common you common the most common board and it should be replaced by conduct and d may not also observe the spelling dep mean amy and mean and orr demon r42 is compulsory with us and compulsory can be changed into mandatory tolerate means ii karna in hindi and should be change in to bear ber endure or suffer traditional can be changed into conventional modern into contemporary sufficient into adequate a de KOA de kou ete take the help of this is very important for writing take the help of we will write take the recourse off that young for example youngsters now take the help of technology in order to do every work so will read youngsters take the recourse of technology recourse means Sahara in Hindi negative effects if you want to write negative effects you’ll write unto void repercussions and to void repercussions repercussions means harmful results so under word repercussions will be written if you want to write negative rigorous should be changed into hard or strict matte lip color in Hindi cut out cut him because for example if you want to write it as criminal should be given rigorous punishment or you you can also this use this word with the rules rigorous rules cut a rule rigorous punishment and 48 is happy for her I’m happy you can use a ecstatic as ecstatic exuberant elated exhilarated the word enthusiasm should be changed into energy sorry I have written the meaning of this word energy and not the synonym so if you are using the word energy and excitement you will use the word enthusiasm for example Indians welcome their guests with enthusiasm or I attended the festival with enthusiasm or youngsters participated in the competition with enthusiasm the word zeal can also be used in place of it zeal and zeal Z with zeal some people also use it as zeal and zest so same word both zeal and zest together can also be used for example youngsters participated in the competition with zeal and zest the word difficult should be changed into RDS it’s strenuous field should be used in to team you are used as dream are al and the word read can be used in place of field for example youngsters must have the knowledge of every dream in order to face the core today’s competition 52 is aspect the word facet and side side can be used in place of aspects of word aspect in and they said both mean the hello if you want to write attractive you can write prepossessing and appealing or alluring also prepossessing P o SS e SS science III possessing appealing and alluring if you want to write only attracted towards for example youngsters are attracted towards technology you can write youngsters are lewd by technology are attracted instead of are attracted towards your right are glued by or you can also attempt it towards now next one is interesting in for interesting you can use fascinating and intriguing intrigue ewing and for tendency you have to write propensity and inclination and this word tendency is very important if you don’t know this word this word can be better understand as the word Zhukov in Hindi in task 2 sometimes you are given that Young’s that today people have this particular habit or do they do this particular thing so rather than writing the whole question again and again you can write there are four if you are writing the reason for the particular trend in people you can write these are the reasons for this tendency among the people logo kiss you for Zhukov KK car and here is instead of tendency you can also write propensity and inclination just like the word tendency phenomenon word is also very non important phenomenon is whatever question is mentioning phenomenon me it means whatever is happening and whatever is going on but so it can the synonyms are happening or occurrence you can write like there are a lot of reasons for this phenomenon and many solutions can be cited for this phenomenon 50 80 ‘s and ever and ever means effort means koshish in Hindi and ever please men understand the spelling en Beav oh you are and vor is also correct 15 Isis — strive to strive to is also very good word in order if you want to write that some some one makes so many efforts to get something then you can write this strive to get it for example first understand the meaning to make great efforts to obtain something example children strive to get good marks children strive to get good marks so it means that children make a lot of efforts to get good marks 60 is Gio Paradise which means threatened or to put in risk cut remade dolna and it it can be used in the fast food example fast food geo paradises the life of children geo paradise means fast food puts the life of the children in risk and in and in place of these three words I will use a single word geo paradise first would jeopardize the life of the children it is a word it is a verb so can be changed into jeopardized and your part diced 61 is perilous perilous can be the meaning of fairness is dangerous so if they the word dangerous can be replaced by the word perilous peril means danger perilous means dangerous 67 is interrupt interrupt means rakhna means to stop and hinder impede hamper are the other word fast would hinders the progress of the children I again I will repeat that you have to note down these words if you want to retain and use all these words in your writing task you have to note down and learn these words 68 is useless and unnecessary and I think I’ve told you already also so for useless will use futile and redundant and the word serve is also you so many times so word quatre quatre will be used now in place of Sur for example teacher serve the students of the students teachers of the needs of the students a cbgc Keith she need kokoro karna though we will use teacher capital the need of the student housewife scatter the need of the family members means solve the need of family members the word squander is a verb and whenever you writing the word waste that people waste their time people waste their money instead of writing waste we will write people squander their time the example is children should not squander money ignore word should be replaced by overlook this is a verb and example is this word disadvantages of this cannot be ignored disadvantages cannot be ignored and 72 is tendency I I think this is repetitive again and the word thrive and flourish the it will be used if you want to write grow grow something is growing then you will use thrive flourish prosper this word these words can be used with the economy for example you want to say that economy will thrive or economy thrives prospers then you can use these words if you are say economy is growing startling will be used if you want to say surprising residents should be changed into inhabitants and dwellers includes should be changed into encompasses entails and bases for example if there are four chapters in the book simple example then this book in encompasses four chapters for example there must be moral education in the book in the curriculum of the students so the curriculum of the student should encompass moral education the curriculum should entail moral education the curve the curriculum should embrace moral education any of these are correct undeniable word means is McCoy’s shock nahi and the word irritable will be used instead of undeniable it is irritable instead of saying it is an undeniable will right it is irritable the word interesting this is again being repeated here reduce reduce verb will be changed in to alleviate and mitigate means calm karna alleviate and mitigate this is the last page I think solve if you want to write the like there are many solutions to solve this problem then you will write there are many solutions to curb this problem to combat with this problem or to tackle this problem you can also write only combat instead of writing combative it you can also write only combat both are correct to cop this problem combat this problem tackle the problem the word knowledge can be replaced by insight and re-edition erudition can also be used in place of knowledge the word owing to is used in place of because of and because of means ke kaaran in hindi owing to means ke kaaran on account of can also be used yields and offers will be replay will replace the word provide provide means and offer amenities will be used for facilities and you can also use the war provision here provision in still means to give a skill if if we are right mentioning about someone giving a scam to anybody then instead of using the word gift we will use the word instill for example teacher gives confer teacher instills knowledge under students teacher instill confidence in the students and the similar what is inculcate here the third one inculcate means to give a scale or quality to someone if we are giving scale or quality or knowledge or training to somebody something relating to knowledge then we will use the word inculcate and this word is a little different imbibe this means to get the knowledge to absorb the knowledge for example students imbibe confidence from teacher student imbibe the skill teacher instill the scale and inculcate the skill student imbibe the skill the word Fissel will be used in place of the word easy and this will be used like in a facile manner if you want to change it into easily this cannot be chained into facilely if you want to write easy then you can use Fissel but if you want to write easily then you will write in official manner in a Fissel manner so view point will be changed into perspective and stance word can also be used in place of a view point disbursement means to pay something to pay money or anything to somebody the word huge enormous immense will be used for large immense enormous huge parents can be used can be changed into guardians and there is another word also progenitors help I think this is also again repeater take the hell pop take the help of will be used in a change in to take the recourse so when there is another word turn to will be changing to resort to means kisi keeper of Luke carpe hello newsreader of Luke are litter for example they turn to bad habits then they will resort to bad habits or they turn to some other method then they resort to some other methods thanks for watching everyone please subscribe the channel if you want to have more knowledge like this and I will also keep sharing important notes thanks for watching subscribe the channel

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