hi guys it’s nmi case here and i’m going to show you we are one of the best online photo editors and our hours make this quarter with buttered this photo editor and today i’m going to show you how to do this this cover how to type text and how to get how to get on the image effort and today i’m going to show you for the jitter and this photo editor called big monkey amigo Eddie two things Abby um your and she was worth whatever whatever calling to you want and our 150 / / thanks I can do it and then go to the commute you meet and then say we make a better is to save made on a desktop with the same and that adage and then choose your safe water and there are so many have control we made cat condos for her good mutate and you can do everything what you want you can add effort and you can you can change your skin color you can change your eye color everything what you want you can you can type texts but you can choose you can add and you can change that much but if you want beautiful text who have got form and get into our work which of his head 31 that way we half and again for saving me Jeff save it all for duty butterfly over you’re as I chose your what but so damn age for over five but that and enough for home save for chow thanks for watching try to help online whether a teacher didn’t know juices or and lightning don’t like that you need to go to the peak monkey George fun and that as you show photo you can have internet as what you want and thanks for watching subscribe and by my wittle

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